Are you looking for a dramaturge to really help you with your script? For a reasonable fee per draft, I am ready, willing, and able to help.

For the almost forty years I've worked as a professional actor, sometime writer, teacher, and director. I had occasion to workshop new plays, and perform in them. I always found this to be a tremendous experience to be involved in the realization of a new script in which the directors and actors play a part. After acting in the best plays of the world, I found I wanted to apply the standards of this great writing in a sensitive and inspiring way to the new scripts. Often seeing new scripts performed, I felt they did not have these in mind, and that the dramaturgy was often lacking in making clear to the playwrights what might be achieved.

I was therefore very pleased and honoured to be asked to act as dramaturge for Theatre Wakefield in 2016 and 2017, working with ten new scripts and the playwrights.

I feel I have been successful in guiding playwrights to improve their work in all its forms: structure, characters, dialogue, and even humour. I believe that one can get to the root of writing issues with warm but firm guidance, and this can bring real results if the playwright is willing to be courageous with their work.

My CV:

I've also written an ebook on Acting: Reflection on the Looking Glass

Fees are $90 per draft. Paid in advance. Hope you're interested.

"...thank you for your thoughtful examination, and the accompanying suggestions...You've given this "emerging poet /playwright" a lot to think about. Many — probably all, in fact — of your points make absolute sense, and I'm going to think about them at length and consider where to go from here."

"After going over your feedback, I must say, it was very insightful and incredibly helpful. I did something that I likely should have done from the get-go -- created character profiles for each player. It really helped me figure out the purpose that each character was meant to have in order to drive the action so it was less about reminiscing and more about self-discovery and growth in the moment. I also thought a lot about the dramatic objective and decided that it should be."

"This is just great. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this level of analysis. It's easy to agree with (i.e. rings true), and clear in how to act on it. OK, I look forward to making the changes."

"I think the analysis is bang on. In fact, it addresses many of my own thoughts about the early-draft play."

Send me a note about your project!

Peter James Haworth